Friday, June 5, 2009

Pandan Chiffon

The chiffon journey continues...attempted the all familiar pandan chiffon cake in the midst of the unforgiving heat. I guess it's kind of crazy after a day at work. It's just funny when it comes to doing something you like, you don't feel that it's a hassle. I wish I have the same passion at work but I think I have lost it long ago. Sigh! Back to the cake, I love how it turned out this time. Firstly, the usual sunken 'grove' that used to greet me is not present when I unmould it. Then came the slicing test. I passed. Everyone in the family said it's soft and fluffy ...muah..ha..ha! The only thing that didn't work out too well is the 'pandan' flavour. Somehow, something is missing. If you want the recipe, click here.


CookiePie said...

Looks so beautiful!!

STARLIT said...

Hi CookiePie,

Thanks for your kind comment.


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