Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pancakes for breakfast

Saturday and everyone is at home. No school and no work. Made pancakes for breakfast. The only thing missing is maple syrup. I also wish I have some bananas to top them with. Probably drizzle some chocolate sauce and whipped cream...totally wicked! Berries will not work because none of us really know how to appreciate them. Be it fresh, made into jams or in any other forms. We are just not conditioned to eat them. Thank God we can still accept grapes in whatever forms...fresh, dried and in wines of course! Okay, back to the pancakes. I like the even browning. And the taste is good. Nice and light for breakfast. I got the recipe from this book which I borrowed from the library.

The recipes are all in small portions which I find it useful for home baking. I mean, we are not feeding an army and I hate it when I end up with big portions. We either have to eat them for days on end or give them away to neighbours who will give you a weird look. AGAIN?!

Here is the recipe which I have changed a bit :

100g self raising flour
1 egg, separated
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp honey (coz that's what I have at home)
30g sugar
about 100ml milk ( add more if the batter is too thick)

Firstly, sieve the flour into a bowl.
Then in another bowl, mix egg,milk,oil and honey together.
Pour the liquid mixture to the flour gradually, stirring constantly so that it will not get lumpy. Keep stirring till you get a smooth batter.
Whisk the egg white till foamy and turned white. Add in the sugar(like in 3 batches or so) and whisk till stiff peaks.
Fold in the egg white to the batter gently.
Heat up your pan with some oil(not too much - just enough to oil the surface). Use a ladle and scoop in the batter in batches. Once you see bubbles forming, flip the pancake to brown the other side. Do not use your spatula to press it.

Pointers for me to note :

  • Do not use a lot of oil
  • Make sure the pan is hot enough before you scoop the batter in to get even browning
  • Turn the pancakes once bubbles formed
I will definitely make these for breakfast again!

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