Friday, September 21, 2012

Golden Pillow & Cinnamon Rolls


Why is it known as Golden Pillow locally? Well, I am not sure but after looking at this when it's taken out of the oven, it does resemble a small little pillow. What is hidden inside the bread is actually a wrap filled with curry chicken which makes a delicious dip for the bread when it's open up. The bread is soft and fluffy, the chicken is savoury and spicy. Yum!Yum!

Everyone just digged in by pulling the bread and started dipping it to the gravy of the curry chicken. This is really a crowd pleaser dish. The whole thing is finished up.

I made this bread from Alex Goh's recipe book again. The texture of the bread is amazingly soft and fluffy. The dough is pepared from his basic sweet dough recipe but it will be too much for golden pillow so I used the extra dough for cinnamon rolls. I will know by tomorrow if the texture stays the same.

Check out the cinnamon rolls as well. Enjoy with my favourite cup of coffee. Heaven!

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