Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Snowskin Mooncake

If not for the salted egg yolk, I really think there is no punch when you bite into these. Most of the recipes for snow skin mooncakes require shortening, something I am not comfortable with since this is a non bake kinda cake. Anyway, the recipe I attempted is from a blogger. Click here for the recipe. What I replace with is pandan juice instead of strawberry puree. I ended up with a very watery mixture. So, I went on to add in more cooked rice flour until it all come together as a dough. Phew!
I think making these babies from scratch is way too much work. Probably won't attempt this again. Another problem I am facing now is a whole big chunk of red bean paste  sitting in the fridge. Probably won't keep long too. Looks like I might have to think of more tau sar recipes. Ha!Ha!

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