Sunday, September 16, 2012

Orange Jelly Cheesecake

Well, like any non-bake cheesecake recipes, this one is basically the same. You make the crust, chill and let it set. Then, you proceed to make the cheese layer and arrange your choice of fruit on top. Back to the fridge to set and finally the jello layer. How hard can that be you might say but I don't know, maybe it's me..The steps seems simple enough yet when you attempt it, it can be a challenge especially slicing it. But they taste good. I made this yesterday. Did a few mistakes and encountered a few problems. I used the disposable aluminium foil pan which is too flimsy and the layers broke away from the sides. When the jello layer went in, it just sipped to the bottom by the sides. So, only the middle layers were ok. Nevertheless, it was a good try, learnt a few pointers so the next batch ( which I know I will attempt again!) will be a more improved version.

The recipe :

For the crust : About 8 digestive biscuits
                        50g melted butter

Cheese layer  : 200g cream cheese
                         40g icing sugar
                         1 tbsp gelatin powder dissolved in 40ml hot water
                         1 tsp lemon juice
                         1 tsp vanilla essence

Jello layer     :  1 packet Torteilla brand crystal jelly (orange flavour)
                         1 small can mandarin oranges

Method :
Use a small square cake tin. Grease with butter and line with baking paper with longer sides so that by the time cake is set and done, you can easily remove the cake from the pan.

Crushed the biscuits and mix in with melted butter. Once ready, pour it into prepared pan and pressed it to the base making sure all sides evenly coated. Chill for at least 30mins to an hour.

Beat cream cheese & icing sugar till soft and creamy.Add in the rest of the cheese layer ingredients and mix well. Pour the cheese mixture into the ptrpared crust layer. Smooth the top and ensure all sides covered. Next, arranged the mandarin oranges in rows. Put it back to the fridge and allow to set, at least 4-5 hours.

Lastly, when cheese layer is set, prepare the jelly according to package instructions, allowing enough time to cool before pouring slowly to the top of the set cheese layer. You have to make sure the jelly is completely cool before pouring or else it will melt the cheese and it will be messy. It's best to allow the cake to set till the next day before removing from pan and slicing them in squares or any other creative ways. Just make sure you clean the knife after each cut and dip in hot water to have a smooth finish.

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