Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My First...

Braided bread. It does look like a flower and filled with cinnamon. I could not take a picture of the process of how I braided this but I sure had fun.

This is the before and after baking shots of the bread

Got this idea from the internet. But used the sweet dough recipe of Alex Goh ( refer to my previous posts on breads). To achieve this, after rolling up the dough with cinnamon sugar filling like a swiss roll, make a slit in the middle leaving a small top portion uncut then braid it with the cinnamon layers facing outward as much as possible. When it has been braided till the end, place both ends together and seal neatly to form a round circle. You can make use of the whole dough to form a bigger one or like me, divide dough to smaller portions and make several small ones.

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