Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sesame / Ham & Cheese Buns (One dough, two different buns)

Yes, it's bread again. Somehow, I have not hopped out of the bread wagon yet so, on a rainy Saturday morning, got all my tools ready and I was at it again. The smell of bread while baking is truly heaven and I think my family members sort of got used to it. Well, it's almosr like a weekly affair. I could have made it a daily affair if I could. I think it's time to consider whether to invest in a bread machine.


For these buns, I used the same Tangzhong method for the dough(click here for the recipe)
- After scaling down, roll the dough into a rectangular shape.
-Place ham and sprinke with shredded cheddar cheese.
- Roll it up like a swiss roll from top to bottom. - Cut into desired size and let it rest on baking pan. Rest for 40 mins for the buns to double in size. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with cheese again. Bake in 170 degrees celcius for about 20 mins.
- Remove from pan and cool on wire rack.


I also used the dough to make sesame buns. I just shape them round and dip the top onto a plate filled with sesame seeds. Arrange them on a round baking pan and let rise for about 40 mins. Brush with egg wash and sent them into the oven to bake. 170 degrees celcius for about 30 mins.

I realised from my few bread baking attempts that :
  •   You won't want to overbake them because they will have a hard crust and dry too. So, you need to understand your own oven and gauge what is the temperature that will work for you.
  •     Another thing I noticed is different brands of bread flour might behave diffrently. So, pour in the milk slowly, gauge when to stop. If the dough gets too wet, it will be too sticky and hard to work with.
  • Unmould the baked bread after 5 mins, if not, I noticed moisture starts to form.

Bread making is indeed a fun thing to attempt. But of course, you need to have time and patience. From kneading to proofing - it can take a good few hours before you can send the dough in to bake. Not to mention the washing and cleaning up after the whole process is over. What is worth is when you see the finished product coming out of the oven.

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