Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tangzhong Take 2

I have been eager to move on to my next batch of Tangzhong bread all week. It's crazy and I am definitely in the bread making mode now. I think I did better than the 1st time. The dough when ready for the first proof is so much smoother and easier to handle than the first attempt.


Practice makes perfect. Going to stick to this recipe for a while. As I go on to my third, fourth and so on...there will be room for improvement in every batch.

Fresh from oven
For the extra dough, I made a tray of walnut and cranberries rolls. After the portioned dough is rolled out, sprinkle with dried cranberries or walnuts and roll it up and shaped to a ball. Arrange them apart on a baking tray. Here, I am using the disposable aluminium square tray. Let it proof for at least 40 minutes, covered with a damp cloth before sending it to the oven. Tomorrow we will all have home baked bread for breakfast. For the recipe, please refer to my previous post.


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