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Giraffe patterned swiss roll


One of the many bakes on my 'to bake' list and I finally tried and baked it. Decorated swiss roll. If you google and find out more, it all started with this Japanese blogger by the name of Junko and I think it got so popular that a special decorated roll kit is available for sale which comes with a special silicone mat with pre-printed designs and can also act as a dough mat for you to knead on. How ingenius! However, it is selling for about SGD$50 over and the recipe book is in Japanese and Chinese (translated) online (Gmarket). I don't read both so I figured it's not worth getting it. After all, patterns can be traced from almost anything that you like. You don't need to restrict yourself to what the mat has to offer. Furthermore, I got a silicone baking sheet from Phoon Huat which only cost SGD$3. It is also non-stick and allows easier handling of the cake. I saw what other bloggers did and decided to follow the recipe from Cathy's Joy. It has a lot of good reviews. Furthermore, the patterns for her recipe looked part of the cake when done unlike some recipes where the patterns looked not embedded and not part of the cake. Am I making sense? Well, google around and you will know what I mean.

This is my first attempt and I am pretty happy with the cake. It rolled up without cracks and of course the oohs and aahhs were enough to make me feel that my efforts have been paid off.

The recipe :

For the egg yolk batter :

4 egg yolks
15g castor sugar
40g vegetable oil
60g milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
70g top flour, sifted
10g cocoa powder (add later after you have scooped 2 tbsp out for the pattern's batter)

Batter for the patterns :

2 Tbsp egg yolk batter
1 tsp top flour
2 tsp sugar
20g egg white

Meringue :

4 egg whites
50g castor sugar

The steps :

Trace out giraffe patttern on a greaseproof paper. Prepare a swiss roll pan and place the paper with the pattern on the pan before lining it with another piece of greaseproof paper. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
  • Mix the egg yolks,sugar,oil, milk and vanilla essence till combined.
  • Stir in flour. Mix till smooth and well combined.
  • Remove 2 Tbsp of the batter and mix in 1 tsp top flour for the pattern batter. Set aside.
  • Add in cocoa powder to the remaining main batter. Set aside.
  • In another bowl, beat the 20g egg white with 2 tsp sugar till stiff peak. Add into the pattern batter and mix till combined.
  • Pipe the plain batter and trace the pattern on the pan. Bake for 1 min and remove from the oven.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the meringue. Beat till stiff peak. Fold into the egg yolk batter in a few batches gently.
  • Pour the prepared cocoa batter into the pan. Smooth the surface and make sure it is level.
  • Drop the pan onto the table top a few times to release air bubbles.
  • Bake for about 14-15 mins. To test doneness, press finger gently on the top of the cake, if it springs back , it's done. An inserted toothpick should comes out clean.
  • Remove the the cake immediately from the pan to cool on a wire rack.
  • When cooled slightly, remove the paper gently and let it cool completely on the wire rack.
  • Spread with your choice of filling and roll up the cake. Use the same greaseproof paper to wrap the roll and place in the fridge to set for at least 30 mins. Cut into smaller sizes and serve.

This is the pattern I used (printed from the internet)

This recipe is really good and I will probably use this again whenever I feel like baking swiss roll, almost perfect! But I guess it's subjective. Try it and see if it works for you too.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the recipe, this looks fantastic.

I am attempting to bake this giraffee swill roll, but I can't find top flour here in Australia, can I substitute top flour with all-purpose flour?



Smiley Baker said...

Hi Jersy,
Yes but texture might not be as light. Do you have cake flour in Australia? If not, try adding about 20g corn flour to the all purpose flour to make up the total of the flour amount in the recipe. Hope this helps and happy trying!

Unknown said...

What is top flour? i haven´t Heard about it........thanks

diana said...

you got some metric version of measurement on there. i use english measurements. are those by weight or by volume?

Cyndy C said...

Are there any non-metric measurements for the quantity of the ingredients? I live in the USA, and everything we do is in ounces and cups.

Mora Weiss said...

do you have a video of this?, i can no understand how to get together the giraffe pattern and the flour.Thanks

Smiley Baker said...

Delia, top flour is extra fine texture flour which we can get easily in Singapore.

Smiley Baker said...

Hi Diana, it is by weight.

Smiley Baker said...

Cindy, I do not have the non metric measurements. Sorry!

Smiley Baker said...

Hi Mora, I do not have a video but if you want to have an idea how it's done - you can try this link :

Anonymous said...

That looks really cool. I will try it out. Will have to figure out what top flour is in Argentina, but will keep in mind your suggestion of adding corn flour. Thank you for sharing :). Mariana

Niebieska Kokardka said...

Hi! I'm from Poland and I found some pictures od that cake on the website. On Your blog I foun recipe, thank You for that, it's awesome cake:)
Tel me please, because in Poland we have different signs weight. How many eggs white do You mean is the 20g? One or two?
Thank You a lot!

Smiley Baker said...

Hi Justyna,
Thanks for dropping by. 20g is less than 1 egg white. What you can do is to weigh from your separated whites of the 4eggs used in this recipe. It will not affect much. Hope this helps! Have fun baking!

Unknown said...

how many grams of cake flour do i use in place of top flour?

Smiley Baker said...

Hi Chisopa,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You can use the same amount of cake flour.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazingly professional, can u pls help me in the following :

1. what's the pan size ?
2. You mentioned :

"When cooled slightly, remove the paper gently and let it cool completely on the wire rack."

So I need to flip upside down to remove the paper so that the pattern will stick with the choc sponge, am I right ??

3. You mentioned :

"Spread with your choice of filling and roll up the cake. Use the same greaseproof paper to wrap the roll"

Which means after removing the paper I need to cool down than flip to the other side (plain side) to spread filing anf carry the roll and place the patterned side on the grease paper and roll ??

Sorry am still learning that's why am worried

Smiley Baker said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Yes, I flip it once when out of oven and flip it again when it's cooled to have the patterned side facing down. When the paper is removed, I used it to cover the sponge cake so that it will not be dry. Whether you want to save the used paper for rolling is up to you. My swiss roll pan is 30cm x 30 cm.
Happy Trying!

TrustiestMuffin said...

To anyone that are having issues with the metric measurements (grams), I prefer to use them because flour and various other powders and sugars pack differently. Therefore, there really isn't a way to convert those to a volume like "cups"...though you certainly could weigh then see which it fits most closely into.

If you want to convert and lack a digital scale, 1 oz ~ 28g. You can also google the question. For example, "20g to oz" and it will convert for you :)

Anonymous said...

hey.. where did you buy your 30x30cm pan from?

Smiley Baker said...

I forgot where I got it from but I guess you can try Phoon Huat if you are residing in Singapore.

Diana sutanto said...

Hi, can you tell me where is exactly Phoon huat? Is that name o f the area or name of store. i am from Indonesia but oftenly visit s'pore. Thanks

Smiley Baker said...

Hi Diana,
Phoon Huat is the name of a local baking supplies store. They have outlets islandwide. Suggest you google to find the nearest location when you visit. Since you are from Indonesia, I am sure your local baking supplies store will carry basic baking tools like the pan. If it does not have the exact 30 x can still try to see if it works.

Anonymous said...

this recipe looks great. I'm still unsure of how to get the pattern though. help!

Smiley Baker said...

I think you have to give the recipe a try and see if you can follow the steps and trace the pattern out. You can also refer to this link for a step by step instructions with photos : Happy trying!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's amazing, i start thinking about doing this roll:)

Anonymous said...

Hi is vegetable oil hydrogenated oil? If yes then can I replace the vegetable oil with other oil? Or maybe used butter or olive oil?


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