Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hearts On Roll

First I made a template by tracing out heart shapes on a piece of A4 size paper. Next, I decided on the colour combination. Then, I started mixing the batter, following the recipe to the 'T'. I did not want any mishap and ruin my entire planning. As it turned out, I did a pretty good job and my piping skill has definitely improved. The hearts were in neat and smooth shapes. By the way, they tasted great too! Please refer to my post on Giraffe Patterned Swiss Roll for the recipe if you are interested.

So, I waited patiently for the sponge to bake and when it was ready, was so happy to see the perfect designs. Just the way I wanted them to be in the first place. Adorable, right?


nathalie JACOB said...

de très bonnes idées qui nous attirent à l'autre bout du monde .
Bravo .Cordialement .nathalie

Smiley Baker said...

Thanks for visiting my humble blog Nathalie. I am glad you find it interesting too.


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