Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Kitty Macarons

I thought of giving these cuties a shot when I first saw it from this blog. I used the swiss meringue method because nothing else works. Somehow,with the swiss meringue method, at least I can see 'feet'. This batch yielded tiny feet but I had fun decorating them. These will make nice Christmas presents for office colleagues so I am going to bake another batch this weekend and plan to have assorted shapes and colours.

If you are interested, you can get the step by step recipe which I have used here . Of course, you need to tweak and not add the colouring for these Hello Kittys.

What you will need :

1) Heart shaped sprinkles for the ribbon
2) Edible food writers in black (eyes) and yellow (nose)
3) Melted white chocolate to act as glue for the ribbon
4) Your desired filling for the macarons
5) Decorate when macarons are nicely baked and cooled
6) Keep them refrigerated in air tight container after filling them

Remember to sieve your ground almond & icing sugar to get a glossy and smooth top. I did not pulse the ground almond as I felt they were fine enough but you have to use a spoon to force them through the sieve though. At the end when the coarser ones could not be forced through anymore, I just threw them into the sieved ground almond and icing sugar. Look, they turned out smooth too. I think the idea is more to break up the bigger lumps. For beginners, it's best to scale down the recipe to 1 egg white. That way, you will not end up with one big batch of ugly macarons if they don't turn out well. If they do turn out well, good for you. Just don't give up if the first few attempts fails. You just end up with meringue cookies that taste good with peanut butter. Still yummy and practice makes perfect.

Happy Trying!

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