Monday, December 31, 2012

Macaron : Pretty in Pink

Last post for year 2012 - Pink Macaron with orange buttercream. I used them as small gifts for friends. Love the way these little cookies bring smiles on their faces.

I love making macarons now. It's challenging and every batch is different depending whether the meringue is beaten to the right stage or the macaronage stage is done correctly. When they do turn out okay, it's satisfying. So, when they go into the oven, I will be checking the oven every now and then just to see if the 'feet' will appear. I will be thrilled at the first sight of them and will do a happy dance in the kitchen. It does not end there, next is to monitor and open the oven door a few times just to make sure the oven does not get too hot and cause the top of the macs to crack. The whole baking experience for each batch is like a roller coaster ride....well, for me at least.

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