Monday, June 10, 2013

Mini Neapolitan Cake

Pretty,lovely and dreamy. Inspired by I am baker. Mine is a mini size. I used the same sponge roll recipe for the cake layers. I divided the batter into 3 bowls separately and mix in cocoa powder in one, colour one in pink and left the last one plain. I don't have so many round cake pans so I used a swiss roll pan to bake all the 3 colours together. First, I pour in the chocolate batter slowly to occupy the top quarter area of the tray. Next, the pink batter next to it, taking care not to let them mix. Lastly, the palin batter at the bottom of the tray. When the spomge has cooled, I used a round template to cut out the layers from each colour portion. The layers were sandwiched with plain buttercream and crumb coated with the same plain buttercream before putting in the fridge for about 20mins. Finally, since it is a mini cake size, I used a small open star nozzle to pipe the swirls on the side and top of the cake.I used swiss meringue buttercream,
Did anyone say it was too much buttercream? All who tasted it gave a thumbs up!
Would have been nice if I built a taller layer cake with big rose swirls but did not want to end up with a whole big cake with no special occasion. Anyway, mini size is manageable and the swirls still look prominent enough. I am happy with the way it turned out.

Here's another shot of the layers :


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