Thursday, August 29, 2013

Durian Layered Cake

Durian is something not favoured in my household. I am probably the only one who thinks that it is to die for.

Naturally, I hardly think of using durian in my bakes. However, I made this cake last week for a colleague's BBQ gathering and from the feedbacks gathered, I think I did a pretty good job. and it is always a good feeling when you see your cake disappearing right in front of your eyes. It is a form of testimony and yeah! I am soooo happy it turned out right.

This was a fairly easy cake to assemble but the challenge was to make a good chiffon or sponge as your cake base. You want to have a soft and light sponge sandwiched with layers of heavenly creamy durian cream. So, you can use any of your favourite sponge recipe for the cake. As for the filling, I used non dairy cream. I did not really measure the amount, whipped it up and mix with durian flesh. I bought about 2 durians for the cake. I also used extra non dairy whipping cream to cover and decorate the whole cake. The cake needs to be refrigerated and served chilled.

The whole fridge smells of durian which can be a put off if you are not a fan. I might not make it again unless I have orders from friends again.


Another shot of the cake!

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