Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pandan Kaya Layered Cake

The set and decorated cake. Look how lovely!

Another close up.

This is my 2nd attempt and finally got it right. Although the kaya custard is not really as sweet as I wish it would be, it is still ok and presentable.

I made a simple buttercream icing to pipe some decoration when the cake is set and dessicated coconut for the sides.

The pandan sponge cake recipe : ( adapted from Bakericious)

3 eggs (separated)
40g top flour
40g pandan juice + coconut milk ( I just add some coconut and blend with some pandan leaves)
35g castor sugar ( will increase to 40g the next time)
30g butter

- Preheat oven to 160 degrees celcius. Line cake tin (7 inch) but I used 8 inch for the sake of fitting into the springform pan. Next, prepare a pot of hot water.
- Warm butter till melted and while still warm, mix in sifted flour
- In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks lightly then mix in the coconut/pandan mixture.Mix well and then mix into butter mixture in 2 batches.
- Whisk egg whites with sugar till foamy, add sugar gradually and beat till stiff stage.
- Fold 1/3 of the meringue into egg yolk batter. Pour into remaining meringue and continue to fold till combined.
- Pour into prepared tin. Tap lightly on counter top to release big air bubbles. Pour some hot water into a tray below the oven rack. Steam bake for about 45mins or till cooked through.
- Invert to cool.

Kaya : ( prepare only when cake is cooled) - (adapted from here.)

300ml coconut milk
400ml pandan water (10pcs pandan leaves + water)
100g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp agar agar powder

85g Hoen Kwee flour
300ml water

- Cook (A) till it starts to bubble.
- Mix (B) and pour into (A) and continue to stir under low heat till it thickens slightly but still smooth.

To Assemble the cake :
- Slice the sponge cake to 2 or 3 layers depending how tall your cake is.
- I use a springform pan. Ladle a scoop of the hot custared into the pan and place a slice of the cake on it. Press it down lightly. Pour the 2nd layer of hot custard until cake is covered and repeat the steps till all used up. I started with kaya and ended with a kaya layer.

Let it cool before placing it in the fridge to set further, preferably 2 hours or more.

Happy trying!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes Again

Again a late posting. These were made many weeks back. 

Another close up shot - Yummy!

So, you can see the cream is basically pumped into the cooled cuppies. When out of the oven, they will shrink slightly and then when the cream is in , they sort of 'plumped up'. I liked the fact that they did not shrink that much this time. I am not sure if it is in the way I beat the egg whites but I would like to think so. I have learnt the importance of taking notes each time I bake so that I know what works and what does not. I would love to try these again but might add flavours to the cream like durian, lychee or even coffee. If you would like to try - please refer to the recipe here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday cake for myself :)

Nope! Today is not my birthday. This is a delayed posting. I was asked if someone else was baking me my birthday cake that day. Well, what do you think? Of course not. I opted for a pink ombre cake and frost it with swiss meringue buttercream. The cake turned out great! Cake texture was soft, fluffy and just the way I liked it. So sweet looking!
Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Carrot Cake

I have baked carrot cakes before and well, they all turned out ok and decent enough but this recipe is da bomb! Honestly, cross my heart. Was given the thumbs up and I gotta say I could not resist it myself while decorating it.
This cake was a farewell gift for a friend who has chosen to pursue something which she thinks might relieve her from her misery but oh well, that is another story. Anyway, she was kind of touched and liked the cake straight away, exclaiming, ' Ooh! Love the cute carrots on the cake!'
I was glad when told even her daughter loved it.
Here;s the recipe if you want to try. It is adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover's blog :

150g which is about 2 medium carrots, finely shredded
130g all purpose flour
1/2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
80g caster sugar
80g brown sugar
1/4tsp cinnamon powder
100g corn oil
1/2tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs, lightly stir
40g walnut, chopped

40g raisins

- Sift flour, cinnamon, baking powder and baking soda in a mixing bowl.
- Add in caster sugar, salt and brown sugar, stir well.
- Add in carrots, corn oil, vanilla extract and egg, beat for few minutes till mixture well combined.
- Add in walnut and raisins, mix well.
- Pour in a greased and line baking pan, bake at pre-heated oven 180c for 40mins.
- Cool on a wire rack and frost with cream cheese frosting.

Cream Cheese frosting

150g cream cheese, at room temperature
40g butter, at room temperature
70g icing sugar, sifted
1tbsp honey

- Beat cream cheese & butter till blended
- Add icing sugar and honey continue to beat till spreadable consistency.

Happy Baking!


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